The KCCLA is an active association existing for the benefit of its members who are the alumni and current students of the Centre of Construction Law & Dispute Resolution, King's College London, and alumni of the joint MSc programme in Singapore.

This website (together with email) is the main means of communication for the Association and its membership and includes notice of forthcoming seminars, site visits and social events.

Aims of the KCCLA:

  • To promote the King's College Centre of Construction Law & Dispute Resolution (CCLDR) and the MSc in Construction Law & Dispute Resolution;
  • To provide a forum for graduates to keep in touch with each other and the CCLDR at King's through a programme of events;
  • To assist and encourage the course students.


Latest news

'21 Years of Collaborative Procurement': Time for some major breakthroughs

You are invited to examine and debate these major breakthroughs with Professor David Mosey and a panel of industry experts at the ACA/ASG/King’s conference in Birmingham on Thursday 14th October.

Book now at https://asgconference2021.eventbrite.co.uk